Faux Pieced | No-Stretch Denim

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Project Ideas: Overalls. That's all.

Just kidding, you could also make a great jacket, shorts or skirt from this.

Content: 100% Cotton, No Stretch

Condition: Excellent De-stash

Width: 47" 

Weight: Medium

Opacity: Opaque

Drape: Moderate

Care Instructions: Always wash and dry fabric before sewing to ensure it is done shrinking, this will make your final project more likely to be machine washable.

We do our best to color-match each photo to the fabric, however, device displays vary greatly in quality, warmth, and vibrancy. We cannot guarantee what you see here will be an exact match to the color of the fabric when it arrives. 

We tear the fabric to make sure it's cut on the straight of grain, because of this, we make sure to add about an inch extra to the cut.


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