Our Sewing Thrift Store

This shop began by accident.  I (Liv) set up a little de-stash table in my fabric shop, Fenceline Fabrics.  It was a few things from my personal stash that I didn't need and was hoping to re-home.  People would look it over and then ask, "do you take donations?"  I'm too thrifty to refuse and so A Thrifty Notion was born.  It now takes up half of our brick and mortar building and might be my favorite part of fabric selling.  We just never know what's going to come through the door.  It is our absolute pleasure to share the best of the unused and unwanted fabric with you so it can finally go out and shine!  The most sustainable way to sew is to reuse what is already out in the world instead of buying new.  We're happy to be a resource for sustainable sewists and de-stashers alike.