FAQ - For Folks Who Want to Buy Sustainable Fabric

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We weren't sure how to feel about this at first, due to the environmental effects of shipping, and concerns about whether or not international shipping really fits into our ethos. Our sister store Fenceline Fabrics also had to halt international orders due to packages getting stuck at customs for MONTHS, and it scared us off a bit. However, as the question has come in more and more, we have decided to go ahead and offer the option!

We still encourage you to source secondhand fabrics closer to home whenever possible. Despite the fact that Shopify already has discounted shipping rates, international shipping is very expensive, and we cannot offer additional discounts on international orders. (We will always refund any overages if your package costs less to ship than the estimate though!) We also think it's important to support local businesses, in general, because Thrifty wouldn't exist if it wasn't for our local customers over at Fenceline. You can read more about how we got started here if you haven't already!

Despite all of the negatives, we do realize that sometimes a special fabric is worth it, and we are happy to offer the option! ❤

 How do you source your fabrics?

We accept drop-offs of unwanted fabric and occasionally find fabric at estate sales and auctions. Lately we have also started to buy deadstock fabric from apparel companies or local quilt shops that are going out of business.  

How can you call yourself "Thrifty" when you're selling fabric for $20/yd?

There are a few things that go into this:

We have a physical thrift store where we sell fabric and notions for $5 per pound, and offer bag sales where you can fill up a bag for $2 - that’s how we started and where most of our items were sold in our first few years.

Our staff are paid a fair wage and in order to be worth the labor of photography and writing up an internet listing, a fabric needs to be pretty special, so initially, only our more expensive and rare items got listed online. It’s similar to what large thrift store chains do with collectable and valuable items that show up in their stores.

As time has gone on, we have increased our inventory, and that, combined with the global pandemic, has meant a shift in how our business is run. We still highlight our most special fabrics in weekly collections that go live every Friday at 10 CST. Those are generally our most expensive fabrics, although we still try to price lower than comparable fabrics would be in other stores! But, we also now list more inventory throughout the week as well. We call these our "Thrifty Regulars" - things that are still worth putting online, but not quite collection worthy. We also bundle items that would not be worth the labor of listing individually. Our Thrifty Regulars are our best bargains, but they can sell out fast! 

Lastly, we are a little more focused on the sustainability aspect of using fabric that already exists rather than encouraging more production than is necessary by buying new. "A Sustainable Notion" just didn't have the same ring to it though 😉.

What is your return policy?

Generally we don't accept returns, but we're willing to work things out with folks.  Send us a message and we'll work out a good resolution. 

Our full return policy can be seen here.

The fabric that I wanted is sold out. Will you be restocking it?

It depends. We started off just selling what showed up on our doorstep or what we found when treasure hunting. Those fabrics are usually sold by the piece since they are smaller, so when those are gone, they're gone. However, more recently we have also been sourcing deadstock and secondhand fabric yardage of which we sometimes underestimate the quantity. In those cases, fabrics are restocked, but it's usually just a yard or two. 

I am local. Can I pickup my order to avoid shipping costs?

Absolutely!  Use coupon code LOCALPICKUP at checkout. That lets us know to hold your order for you and also removes your shipping charges. 

Local Pickups will be available at our sister store Fenceline Fabrics from Mon-Sat, 9am to 1pm. 

Do you have a physical storefront?

Yes!  We are not currently open to the public, due to the pandemic, but we have a storefront at:

528 Riley Ave
Ogden, Kansas