How can I contact you regarding a collaboration?

Please email with any questions or ideas regarding collaboration opportunities. 

What types of collaborations do you offer?

In the past we have:

  • Sponsored individual blog posts or YouTube videos. 
  • Offered quilt kits as part of a blogger's sew-along. 
  • Offered standing discounts for returning customers who share their makes with our products and have a relevant follower base. 
  • Provided free fabric for influencer sewing projects
  • Provided discount codes for influencer's followers

That is what we've done so far, but we are open to collaborating in other ways and would love to hear your ideas! 

Do I need to be in the United States? 

We are open to collaborations with individuals worldwide. However, we do not offer international shipping. For that reason, collabs requiring the shipment of goods outside the US, or ones with an individual with a primarily non-US following, may not be the best fit for our shop.