We're on a buying pause!

Due to a flood of recent intakes, we're currently on a buying pause. Our space is full and our buying budget is empty. We'll continue to take donations if you really need to part with items, but please let us know ahead of time if the donation is more than 1 garbage bag full so we can create some space.
If you'd like to be added to our buying wait list, email us at info@athriftynotion.com to join our waiting list. We hope to be caught up by August 2024.


What items do you accept?

If it's related to fiber crafts, we're interested!

We'll accept donations of fabric, books, patterns, yarn, notions and tools related to textile crafts.  

We do not accept sewing machines. We just don't have space.

We are currently not paying for de-stash items.

Do you take deadstock or store liquidations?

Yes!! but there is currently a wait list. If you're a fabric shop or clothing brand that needs to liquidate some unused/unsold sewing supplies, let's talk. We can usually pay a bit more per yard due to larger item quantities. At this point we may need to set up a payment plan with you for large inventories.

Email Liv at info@athriftynotion.com

Call or Text 785-560-2333

How can I donate fabric to your shop?

If you're local: We accept drop-offs of unwanted fabric at our storefront located at 528 Riley Ave in Ogden, KS.  We also pick up larger collections in the Northeast Kansas area. If you would like to schedule a pickup, please contact us at info@athriftynotion.com

If you're mailing items: 

You can mail boxes of fabric to our shop. We will pay for items according to the above policies, but we are currently on a buying pause, so only send items you want to donate.

We encourage you to research shipping options to reduce costs as much as possible so that you can at least break even on postage. 

Tip: If you have books to ship us, please mail those separately through Media Mail, as this will decrease costs significantly. Media Mail can ONLY be used for books, so all other items (including sewing patterns) must be shipped separately.

Include a note with the following information, you can also copy/paste this list and email it to us:

  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Address
  • Email
  • Do you want to be paid or is it a donation?
  • Venmo username OR
  • PayPal email address OR
  • Where do you want the check sent?

Ship to:

A Thrifty Notion
528 Riley Ave
PO Box 647
Ogden, KS 66517

 * it helps if you call (785-560-2333) or email ( info@athriftynotion.com ) to let us know it's heading our way.

For larger collections or deadstock, get in touch ( info@athriftynotion.com ) - we are open to shipping via freight carriers or even planning a trip around a fabric pickup!