FAQ - For Folks Who Need to Unload Fabric

How can I donate fabric to your shop?

We accept drop-offs of unwanted fabric at our storefront in Ogden, KS or our sister store Fenceline Fabrics, located in Manhattan, KS. We also pick up larger collections in the Northeast Kansas area. If you would like to schedule a pickup, please contact us at athriftynotion@gmail.com

What if I'm not in Kansas? 

You can mail boxes of fabric to our shop, and receive a coupon code equal to your shipping cost as a thank you.  For larger collections or deadstock, get in touch ( athriftynotion@gmail.com ) - we are open to shipping via freight carriers or even planning a trip around a fabric pickup!

Do you take deadstock?

Yes!!  If you're a fabric shop or clothing brand that needs to unload some unused/unsold sewing supplies, let's talk.  We can usually pay you something for bolt quantities of fabric.  Email Liv at athriftynotion@gmail.com