Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but it can often cost more than the fabric does.  We encourage you to source secondhand fabrics closer to home whenever possible, but sometimes a special fabric is worth it.  

 How do you source your fabrics?

We accept drop-offs of unwanted fabric and will also pick up larger collections in the Northeast Kansas area.  Occasionally we also find fabric at estate sales and auctions.

How can you call yourself "Thrifty" when you're selling fabric for $20/yd?

We have a physical thrift store where we sell fabric and notions for $5 per pound - that’s how we started and where most of our items are sold.  Our staff are paid a fair wage and in order to be worth the labor of photography and writing up an internet listing, a fabric needs to be pretty special, so only our more expensive and rare items get listed online.  It’s similar to what large thrift store chains do with collectable and valuable items that show up in their stores.

That being said, we do list some lower-priced pieces in our online shop, but those tend to get snapped up pretty quickly.  We list new fabrics every Friday at 10 CST, so it’s good to check back and see what’s available.  We're also a little more focused on the sustainability aspect of using fabric that already exists rather than encouraging more production than is necessary by buying new.  "A Sustainable Notion" just didn't have the same ring to it though 😉.

What is your return policy?

Generally we don't accept returns, but we're willing to work things out with folks.  Send us a message and we'll work out a good resolution.

The fabric that I wanted is sold out. Will you be restocking it?

We just sell what shows up on our doorstep or what we can find when treasure hunting, when it's gone, it's gone.

I am local. Can I pickup my order to avoid shipping costs?

Absolutely!  Use coupon code LOCALPICKUP at checkout.  That lets us know to hold your order for you and also removes your shipping charges.

Do you have a physical storefront?

Yes!  We share a building with Fenceline Fabrics at

1431 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan KS 66502 .  We'd love to have you drop by!