Livie - Owner

Liv is a lifelong dabbler in all things textile. She's particularly interested in the intersection of textiles and ecology. Her desire to save unique things from ending up in the landfill led her to start A Thrifty Notion.

Kelly - Content Creator + Fiber Specialist

Kelly is A Thrifty Notion's only "trained expert" in textiles and fashion. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Apparel and Textiles with a specialization in Design and Production. She's our in-house fabric identification expert. If you have questions, she's the one we ask for answers!

Mercedes - Marketing Manager

Mercedes has a Bachelor's in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her passion for people, advocacy, and sustainable living led her to Thrifty. She's a beginner sewist and aesthetic enthusiast.

Chloe - Inventory Assistant

Chloe is in college studying Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting. Her love of fashion and sustainability lead her to join the Thrifty team!


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