5 Free and Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses

A Thrifty Notion was built by the power of community and a passion for sustainable creativity.

We've never really gone "viral" and, honestly, we don't want to. Viral growth isn't sustainable. We've grown steadily and reliably because people like you tell your friends about us. We do a little happy dance every time we get tagged in a new post on Instagram, and celebrate each new milestone we reach. We know we can't do this alone, and strive to be a resource for our local and online friends. The more our community grows, the more we can put into creating the educational and inspirational content we love to provide. If you appreciate what we are doing and would like to know some ways you can support us, we've put together the list below.

Please keep this list in mind as you discover other artists and small businesses you love. We guarantee they will appreciate it!

1. Follow them on social media:

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Not only does following your favorite businesses on social media help you stay in the loop about new products and promotions, but it greatly impacts their ability to reach other potential customers. If there's a brand you care about, following their accounts is an easy way to support them without having to spend a dime!

If you haven't already followed us, you can find our accounts here:

2. Engage with their content:

Liking, commenting, and sharing does more for small brands than you think! If something we post gives you an idea, we want to hear it! If you have a crafty friend who will love something we shared, please send it to them! If our newest content is boring and you don't appreciate it - that's cool too. Not engaging will also let us know what posts you don't enjoy. 

Similarly, features built in to certain platforms also play a role in how you can support small businesses. For example, YouTube inserts ads into all videos, regardless of whether or not the account is monetized. For accounts that are monetized, number of views and how long an ad is watched will impact how much that creator gets paid. So, if you are watching videos from someone you want to support, stick around for the beginning of an ad instead of skipping it right away. You don't even have to stay for the whole ad - watching just 30 seconds makes a big difference. 

With that said, we're going to get a little bit personal with you. We are not yet monetized on YouTube because we haven't reached the subscriber count and watch hours required. (If you're curious, it's 1000 subscribers and 4.000 watch hours within the last 365 days.) YouTube is going to put ads on our videos no matter what we do. So, we'd love to use that to our advantage and are eagerly awaiting the day we can turn on monetization and put the money generated towards creating more frequent and better content for you all. If you'd like to support us in this endeavor, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and consider watching our videos as background noise when you're sewing! Liv's yarn spinning video is an awesome one for this!

A photo collage that shows a screenshot of our current YouTube stats and how far we are from monetization.

3. Tell your friends about them:

Word of mouth is a powerful tool! Whether it's through casual conversations, text messages, or social media shout-outs, your personal recommendations can inspire others to explore your favorite hidden gems. Your excitement about Thrifty might just spark someone else's creative journey! Just last week we were touched to hear that one of our new customers discovered us on YouTube and she came to us to buy fabric for her very first quilting project 🖤

4. Write a review:

Leaving a Google review is a great way to support small businesses. Share your experiences and what makes their business special to you! Honest reviews build trust and credibility for potential customers, guiding them to make informed decisions. Your kind words can make a big difference in helping others discover the joy of your favorite brands.

5. Sign up for their newsletter:

Stay in the know by subscribing to shop email newsletters. By doing this, you not only receive exclusive updates, promotions, and insider information but also demonstrate your commitment to supporting their business in the long run. Newsletters are a fantastic way for small businesses to connect directly with their community, and your subscription is a valuable show of loyalty. There is a newsletter sign up on most shop's homepage or footer menu.  

Thank you all for supporting us. And, as always, happy sewing! 

- Kelly 


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