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Showing 25 - 48 of 199 products
Taupe | Ponderosa Plaids | Cotton ShirtingTaupe | Ponderosa Plaids | Cotton Shirting
Bedtime Story | Wool BlendBedtime Story | Wool Blend
Bedtime Story | Wool Blend
Sale price$18.00
Cocoa | Mammoth Flannel | 100% Organic CottonCocoa | Mammoth Flannel | 100% Organic Cotton
Serious Stripe | Cotton ShirtingSerious Stripe | Cotton Shirting
Woodsy Plaid | Cotton ShirtingWoodsy Plaid | Cotton Shirting
A warm grey wool blend fabric. A bolt of warm grey wool fabric.
Stillness | Wool Blend
Sale price$18.00
A greyish brown plaid flannel made from 100% organic cotton.Brown plaid organic cotton flannel fabric on a bolt.
A vintage cotton shirting with green animals on a grey and white leafy background.A bolt of 100% cotton, vintage fabric with green animal designs with grey leaves behind them on a white background.
Daydream | Cotton Shirting
Sale price$10.00
Shamrock | Poly/Cotton Jersey KnitShamrock | Poly/Cotton Jersey Knit
Daylight | OrganzaDaylight | Organza
Daylight | Organza
Sale price$6.00
A crinkly rayon fabric in a brownish green color with paisley and floral motifs.A bolt of textured rayon fabric with paisley and floral motifs, reminiscent of bandanas, in a brownish green colorway.
Silver Mist | Faux SilkSilver Mist | Faux Silk
Silver Mist | Faux Silk
Sale price$7.00
A close-up of fabric scrunched into a swirl design. The fabric has a houndstooth plaid design in black and white. A bolt of houndstooth plaid polyester suiting fabric laying on a white table.
A close-up of a black and grey striped fabric scrunched into a swirl design.A bolt of striped fabric in black and grey tones laying on a white table.
Forty Winks | Wool Blend
Sale price$18.00
Linework | Sunset Studio | Crinkle RayonLinework | Sunset Studio | Crinkle Rayon
Graphite Stripe | Sunset Studio | Crinkle RayonGraphite Stripe | Sunset Studio | Crinkle Rayon
Thin Mint | Lightweight PolyThin Mint | Lightweight Poly
Understudy | 100% Cotton TwillUnderstudy | 100% Cotton Twill
Buttercup | Linen Look PolyesterButtercup | Linen Look Polyester
Flurries | Stretch LaceFlurries | Stretch Lace
Flurries | Stretch Lace
Sale price$9.00
Black Pepper Stripe | Sunset Studio | Crinkle RayonBlack Pepper Stripe | Sunset Studio | Crinkle Rayon
Green | 44" Lining
Green | 44" Lining
Sale price$2.00
Red | 44" Lining
Red | 44" Lining
Sale price$2.00
Black Polytwill | Pocketing Fabric | Pant Pocket Lining

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