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When people ask me how I learned to sew, I can never pin the experience to a specific memory. When I was a kid, we had an old, inherited mint green Singer machine that was a regular feature around the house. My mom - despite being an expert in many textile crafts - found sewing to be a chore, but she still managed to teach me the basics at some point. When I think about why I sew, a lot of it goes back to my childhood roots and the way making things yourself is just the natural rhythm of life on a farm. 

Learning to make do, mend, and build were key parts of my life growing up. The independence I was allowed in childhood definitely impacted the way I approach most things. I tend to have a project idea first and then focus on developing the skills for accomplishing it second. As a kid, that meant frequent trips to the public library. Now, I can build skills for just about anything after a quick internet search, which is great because I'm always looking to DIY things and add tools to my toolbox.


I'm primarily a quilter, which provides my busy brain with visual satisfaction and stimulation. Also, I just find it's a fun way to engage in play, which is important for me to prioritize, no matter how busy I get. I've quilted for long enough now that it has become a relaxing, stress-free pastime that doesn't cost me any mental energy. My go-to scrap-busting quilt pattern is Courthouse Steps.

Since opening the shop, I always have large amounts of "trash" fabric on hand. Because I hate throwing anything away that can be useful, I've expanded my skills beyond sewing and often do upcycled projects like rag rugs and fabric baskets.

Despite always being eager to move on to a new type of project, I've always hesitated when it comes to sewing clothing for myself. Recently, I've decided to sew myself a pair of overalls out of a set of old linen batik curtains, but I keep procrastinating. The hardest part of any new project is starting, and my inner cheerleader is always telling me that just like anything else, sewing clothing just takes one step at a time. I'll keep you all posted on my garment sewing journey.

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