Muted Floral Rayon - AS-IS Piece

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This fabric is double-deadstock! It was deadstock fabric from a factory in LA that then went on to be incorporated into an apparel line for Fauxgerty. What we have are their leftovers!

It is hard to estimate yardage that is on rolls and we have multiple rolls of most of these double-deadstock fabrics, so if one you are interested in says sold out, check back soon because we might have more of it coming! 

Why you'll love this fabric: It is so versatile! It would make a beautiful flowy dress, slip skirt, or even a coat lining! 

Content: Rayon (possibly Acetate, but Rayon and Acetate are both fibers made from cellulose/wood pulp and have similar properties. Because I'm unsure, I would recommend testing a swatch in the washing machine before deciding to pre-wash. Some vintage acetate fabrics do not handle washing very well and do better with hand-washing, but it really depends on the fabric, so testing a piece first should give you an indication of what to do!) 

Condition: Deadstock - This piece has one small hole near one of the edges, as well as a triangle shaped piece cut out of one of the selvedges. It goes approx 6" into the fabric width and is a narrow triangle shape. 

Size: 58" wide

Please consider test washing a swatch of your fabric before committing to washing the entire piece. We have limited information about most of our fabrics due to the way they are sourced, so we rarely have care instructions from the manufacturer to recommend.

All of our fabrics are destash donations or deadstock from other businesses. We check each and every fabric for flaws before listing and do our best to note if a fabric is as-is. We are all humans here though, and there is always an amount of risk associated with secondhand fabrics since sometimes flaws don't appear until the fabric is pre-washed. With that being said, if you order from us and have a serious issue with your fabric, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right! 

Thank you for shopping second hand first!  You're helping us do better for the planet and helping yourself sew sustainably.  You can help us spread the word about our little online secondhand fabric shop by Pinning our items and sharing our website with your friends!  

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