Mushroom Leather
Mushroom Leather
Mushroom Leather
Mushroom Leather

Mushroom Leather

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*** Sold by the quarter hide, purchase all 4 pieces to get the whole hide - we don't cut it until you order it. ***

The color difference between the smooth and suede side of this piece is significant.  The "back" side of this piece is a gorgeous warm gray.  The front has stripes on it from storage that may not be usable for certain projects.  (see photos)

This is a high quality upholstery leather from a shop that was doing upholstery for private jets.  The quality is extremely nice.

Content: High grade upholstery cow leather, Top GrainPigmented

Condition: Excellent

Size: Yield - a quarter hide will give you a clean cut (rectangular piece) of at least  27" x 27"  with extra uneven scraps around the edges.  The industry standard typically leaves behind approx. 25% of the hide as “waste,” so if you're doing smaller projects, you'll be able to use far more of the hide than the measurements suggest.

Circa: 2010s

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