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This is a zero waste project Liv has been spinning up in her spare time. These are 4 and 5 ply yarns spun from very large cones of wool yarn meant for weaving. The cones were damaged by moths which meant you could only unwind a few feet of yarn before running into a break. Rather than toss them, she decided to do an experiment and see if they could be plied into usable thicker yarn.

Before spinning, the yarn was baked in an oven to ensure all moth matter was eradicated (that was an unusual household odor). Liv then took the cones of yarn and patiently spun the thin threads into this thick yarn.

These are all wool or wool blends and are fairly course. You wouldn't want to wear them directly against your skin. They'd be great layered up as thick hiking socks or leg warmers. They'd also work well in hooked rugs or as pretty twine for packaging. There are occasional threads sticking out from the yarn where threads end and begin within the yarn. It's quirky stuff.

Basically you're paying for the hand labor as the materials were free. Fortunately Liv is a pretty fast spinner, so we're able to keep the cost low.

Weight:  Sport (3mm)

Yardage: Varies - approximately 70 yards

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