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A set of 14 Hand pieced quilt blocks. These were made before precision cutting tools so expect some variation in block sizes.

Condition: Nice Vintage in various stages of completion

Size: Each block measures about 14" x 14" they vary

Pieces like this are from a time when resources were expensive and people took care of the things they had.  This was carefully stored away because it is still useful and beautiful.  Your purchase of this item is a tribute to the time and care the previous owner took to preserve this worthwhile piece of finery.  From raw material, to production, to the person who bought and cherished this piece, your decision to buy vintage is a respectful gesture to the people and resources involved.  

💚 🌏 💚

Most of our items are destash donations or deadstock from other businesses. We check each and every item for flaws and do our best to note the condition. Despite our best efforts, we are all still human, so items may have imperfections. With that in mind, if you order from us and have a serious issue with your item, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right! 

Thank you for shopping second hand first! You're helping us do better for the planet by choosing to sew sustainably. You can help us spread the word about our little online secondhand fabric shop by Pinning our items and sharing our website with your friends!  

We do our best to color-match each photo to the fabric, however, device displays vary greatly in quality, warmth, and vibrancy. We cannot guarantee what you see here will be an exact match to the color of the fabric when it arrives. 

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