Apparel Stash-Builder Box | Choose Your Favorite

Color: Silk Sandwich
Sale price$20.00



Apparel Box:  This box is stuffed full of apparel fabric! Each piece is at least 1 yard, most are much bigger. These are all either too small for our 2 yd bolt minimum, or they have a flaw of some sort. What you see is what you get! 

(Insider Info: The box price drops by $5 each month that they don't sell. If they're still here at the end of their $10 month, we pull them for a remix and try again.)

Box measures 12 x 8 x 4 in.

Thank you for shopping second hand first! You're helping us do better for the planet by choosing to sew sustainably. You can help us spread the word about our little online secondhand fabric shop by Pinning our items and sharing our website with your friends!  

We do our best to color-match each photo to the fabric, however, device displays vary greatly in quality, warmth, and vibrancy. We cannot guarantee what you see here will be an exact match to the color of the fabric when it arrives. 


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