Bubblegum Daisies | Linen/Cotton Canvas

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This is a new fabric we stocked because it is a linen blend (a very sustainable crop) and it is excellent quality.

Pattern Suggestions: Metamorphic Dress, Cambria Duster, Lichen Duster, Estuary Skirt, Skirt No. 1

Content: 70% Cotton/ 30% Linen

Width: 45"

Weight: Medium

Opacity: Opaque

Drape: Moderate

Made in: Japan

For a better idea of what this fabric could become, check out our Medium Weight Cotton Board on our  Pinterest page.

We recommend that you pre-wash and dry your fabric the same way you plan on washing your finished project.  That way it will already be done shrinking in case of an accidental trip through the dryer.

We tear the fabric to make sure it's cut on the straight of grain, because of this, we make sure to add about an inch extra to the cut.


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