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Color: Bee Gees
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Good old Double Knit Polyester.  It's terrible to wear, and it lasts forever - which is a double whammy - it's kind of an abomination against Mother Nature. 

Well, we have a bunch of it and it's not going anywhere, so we might as well make something useful with it.  It's great for making really ugly, invincible picnic blankets - I'd like to rebrand them as festival blankets because goodness knows, they need some rebranding.  

I always keep one in my car in case of a picnic or music festival; one never knows when a picnic or music festival might present itself and it's good to be prepared. 

Project Ideas: Check out our inspiration board! And here's a tutorial for how to make your own Festival Blanket! 

Content: 100% Polyester

Sizes: From 2" x 2"  and up to full yard cuts. 

Box measures 12 x 8 x 4 in.

Condition: New, Offcuts, and smaller pieces of yardage. 

Thank you for shopping second hand first! You're helping us do better for the planet by choosing to sew sustainably. You can help us spread the word about our little online secondhand fabric shop by Pinning our items and sharing our website with your friends!  

We do our best to color-match each photo to the fabric, however, device displays vary greatly in quality, warmth, and vibrancy. We cannot guarantee what you see here will be an exact match to the color of the fabric when it arrives. 


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