Premium Rattan Leather

Size: 12" x 12"
Sale price$5.00


*** Sold by the piece ***

This is a high quality upholstery leather intended for use in for private jets.  The quality is extremely nice.  If the color isn't quite what you're looking for, we highly recommend Angelus Leather Paints for adding your own color and designs.  We've found the metallics to be particularly fun.

We've also found that we often like the back/suede side better than the front, so keep in mind that these are reversible!

For project ideas using leather, check out our Pinterest board.

Content: High grade upholstery cow leather, Top GrainPigmented

Condition: Excellent

Size: The piece you receive will be AT LEAST as big as the measurements given, usually larger. Full Hides are approximately 70" x 90" and have uneven edges.

Circa: 2010s

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