Wool Dryer Balls Zero Waste Made in the USA

Regular price $8.00

We're trying a new thing.  We have 3 options for this item:

You can buy the finished zero waste product. We make them from scraps here at A Thrifty Notion in the USA under downright enviable working conditions.

You can buy a kit with materials to make it yourself.

You can find the instructions to make it yourself with your own materials for free on our blog.

These are made with felted wool sweater scraps - a little of this and a little of that.  Some wool, some cashmere - because you know you want cashmere dryer balls.  They're also stuffed with the leftover wool pieces, so they're the ultimate zero waste item! 

If you want to order a kit to make your own, we have the squares pre-cut and will send enough scraps for you to stuff it.  A kit makes one dryer ball.

If you have your own felted sweater and want to make your own dryer balls from scratch, you can find instructions in our blog post here.

Hint: This is really best ordered as an add-on item.  It's not economical to ship it alone.  Once you hit 2 lbs of merchandise, our domestic shipping costs lock in at $7.