Quilting Scraps by the Ounce
Quilting Scraps by the Ounce
Quilting Scraps by the Ounce
Quilting Scraps by the Ounce
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Quilting Scraps by the Ounce

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If you're a scrap quilter looking to build up your stash, we have baskets and baskets of scraps.  Choose what color range you want and how many ounces - an ounce is about a quarter yard of fabric. 

Weights 15 oz. and under can ship via First Class mail.  All scraps will be 100% cotton and suitable for quilting.  Dates may range back to 1930.


All scraps will be at least 3" x 3"

Need all pastels or just indigo blues?  Will only 6" squares or larger be useful for you?  Leave us a note about your project at checkout so we can get scraps that work best for you.  If anything goes - you can leave it blank and see what Lady Luck brings you.

A note on pricing:

We base our pricing directly on supply and demand.  For example, orange and yellow are tough to find, so they're priced a bit higher.  If we get a large supply of pink, the price will drop. 

You can also purchase larger pieces of quilting cotton here

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