Sewing The Monstera Tote + PDF Download

Sewing The Monstera Tote + PDF Download

Kelly Kelly
2 minute read

All sewists know the value of a good tote bag. Of course, that probably means we all have a small mountain of handmade ones laying around somewhere. This week I'm going to walk you through my steps for sewing the Monstera Tote from canvas and leather, which will hopefully be a joyful (and durable) addition to your tote landscape.

The idea for this pattern was actually born a few years ago. I was digging through a scrap bin and found a piece of this stunning monstera canvas. This was before Cotton + Steel re-released the print, so it was sold out everywhere, and this was the only piece left at our sister store Fenceline Fabrics (RIP).

I took it home knowing I'd make something out of it eventually, but with no real project in mind. Then I saw a scrap in my stash from an old leather shirt I had cropped for a previous project and I knew exactly what these fabrics should be! After adapting an old vinyl-bottomed tote pattern I used to make, I ended up with a version of the bag that I love and am excited to share with you!

We know sewing with leather can be a little intimidating if you've never done it before so be sure to check out our tips and tricks to get started. 

We also recommend checking your stash for any canvas or leather you may have laying around, but you can definitely check out our leather page if you don't already have something suitable. 

The Monstera Tote pattern is available as a pay-what-you-want purchase. All proceeds from the sale go to support Thrifty's shop sustainability initiative. Currently, we're working toward the goal of fitting our building with solar panels. All the product sales from our Zero Waste Studio (including patterns) will directly go toward our solar panel project. 

You can also check out my video tutorial for more details:

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